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Q.I Supply Ltd.

Creative Industrial Solutions
Q.I Supply Ltd. is based in Edmonton, and provides quality Industrial Products to local and overseas clients. Q.I. Supply is focused on providing industrial solutions to the Oil sands, Pipelines/ Pipeline Terminals and Mining process industries. Our product range includes Industrial Valves, Seals, Gaskets, Fittings, Expansion Joints, Fasteners and related MRO products. We are exclusive distributors for “Danex” double block and bleed valves.

We offer products ranging from industrial valves, pipe, fittings, seals, gaskets, expansion joints, fasteners and related materials.

Madacan SARLU

Your SUPPLY and SERVICE partner in Madagascar!
Madacan SARLU is a Madagascar based sales and service company located in Tamatave. Madacan is a registered Madagascar company located in the port city of Tamatave. Madacan provides Industrial services including rubber lining, refractory/acid brick lining service, boiler inspections and general plant maintenance. In addition, Madacan also provides Industrial products including Valves, Gaskets, Fasteners, Seals, PEXGOL durable piping systems, fittings and expansion joints. Madacan also provides complete HR contract services to our clients.

Versacan ISS

Industrial Service & Supply
Versa-Can Industrial Service and Supply is a Philippines-based JV company that is focused on industrial services and supply. Versacan is a joint venture Filipino company with two locations. Our main office is located in Toledo City Cebu, with our warehouse located in Digos City, Davao on the island of Mindanao. The warehouse in Digos is our main cross dock warehouse, at which we distribute our equipment for service work throughout the Philippines. Versacan has the experience and capabilities to access your boiler, recommend improvements and predict the impact on performance, reliability and operation. Service is an integral part of our business. We offer preventive conditioning rapid response repair work. Replacement part deliveries are key factors in achieving maximum plant reliability and cost effective performance year after year. Through service agreements, we provide comprehensive and cost effective maintenance programs, ranging from boiler inspections to outage equipment supply including certified scaffolding and scaffolders; resulting in minimum unplanned repair work. Our service is backed by our global network of engineering and customer service centers that can meet the tightest schedule while achieving the most competitive pricing throughout global sourcing. We also provide services such as online boiler repair. While the system remains, functional holes are drilled in the casing plate. After this, couplings are welded onto it. Specially designed ceramics are pumped into the hot spot and that hot spot cools down immediately. We have experience in Acid Bricking, Furnace Bricking, Belt Splicing, Rubber Lining, Insulation and cladding, Sand Blasting, Painting and General Plant Maintenance. QI Group of companies has a vast database of skilled labour from around the world. We are a POEA certified company. If you are looking for skilled labour, we have access to the best and most experienced individuals.

Pex Industrial

Piping Solutions
PEX Industrial is the North American sales and marketing representative for PEXGOL durable piping systems. PEXGOL is a unique Cross linked PE pipe material that is suitable for Industrial applications from -50 to +110 C and pressure up to 450 PSI. PEXGOL also has exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance and is preferred piping material when compared to Carbon Steel, SS, Duplex, Rubber Lined and FRP piping.


  • Refractory
  • Scaffolding
  • Boiler Maintenance and Inspection
  • Turn Key Maintenance Projects
  • Local Workforce
  • Veteran Expats
  • Equipment Sales and Rental
  • Industrial Supply
  • Very Short Lead and Response Times
  • Long Term Maintenance Contracts
  • Global Equipment Sourcing

Madacan AFRICA

Your SUPPLY and SERVICE partner in Africa!
Madacan Africa Industrial Supply (Pty) Ltd is based out of Johannesburg South Africa. Madacan Africa is dedicated to supplying first in class industrial, electrical and mechanical products from innovative manufacturers you know and trust. We provide exceptional support for Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean. Madacan Africa is the exclusive representative of Teco Electric Motors and Motovario gearboxes. We have two stocking locations – one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town. We are focused on industrial markets including petrochemical, oil & gas, OEM, energy, aggregate and mining. We are focused on commercial/industrial markets including petrochemical, oil & gas, OEM, energy, aggregate and mining.

A Global Presence

QI Group Ltd. operates subsidiaries in Canada, Africa, Madagascar, Thailand & Philippines. Learn more about our companies below.